Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Game On!!

For Christmas the kids got a Wii. 


I fell in love with it when I learned we could stream Netflix through it.  I changed our Netflix membership to online Instant Play only and no longer get DVD's.  I pay a lot less, and can watch limitless movies now.  Not all movies are available on Instant Play, for example, the new releases, but for those there is always Red Box. 

Then, we got some new games.....
  Wii Fit, Just Dance 2, and Resident Evil.

I had heard so many good things about the Wii Fit, that it was a must for us to buy.  Every morning I jump on and get a workout in. And the kids love it as well. That was a pleasant surprise and an added bonus.  It gets them both active.  They don't look at it as exercise.  To them it's just fun and they beg to play. Yay!! Thumbs UP!!

Greg wanted the Just Dance 2 game.  He had seen someone playing it somewhere and thought it would be fun for everyone.  I LOVE it!! It is something we all play together, and have a BLAST at! I think I get more of a workout on that game than I do the Wii fit sometimes.... And I learned it has a "Just Sweat" program on the game that tracks calories burned.  (DOUBLE Thumbs UP!!) So OF COURSE I added it to my morning workout!  Now I do the Wii Fit AND the Just Sweat games every morning. 

We bought Resident Evil and tried it out that night.  It is too graphic for the little ones, of course.  I've never been a big gamer, but Greg and I had SO MUCH fun killing zombies! We don't get a chance to play it very often, with Greg's schedule, but we have a file that is "ours" that we have saved we go back to. 

We WILL be kicking some zombie butts again soon.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

I'm a Survivor

The kids have gone all week without Television or Video Games, and.....


The first day I heard a lot of disgruntled sighs and "I'm Bored"s, and at bedtime I had to go in their room SEVERAL times to tell them to be quiet and go to sleep. The second day was much better. Each one grabbed a book and read quietly for a long time, then played quietly in their rooms. At night time, once they got into bed, I never heard another peep from them. It was SO NICE to have a quiet house all evening.

By the third day the transformation in my children was AMAZING ...... Homework is done each day without any protests, Binders are staying organized, the kids are playing together and there has been less arguments (coincidence or result of?) . They are finding things to play with, and using their imaginations. At night, they haven't been arguing over who goes first in the shower, and after I read a chapter or two from the book I am reading to them, they go to bed and are asleep within 20 minutes!!

Why the hell didn't I do this a LONG TIME AGO??

Monday, January 24, 2011


And the Meanest Parent Award goes to..................


We decided yesterday to implement a new rule for the kids.....

Monday - Thursday NO T.V. and NO Video Games
Sunday - T.V. and Video Games will be turned off by 6 p.m.

- Please Pray For Us -

Friday, January 14, 2011

Snow Day

Late Saturday night as I sat on the couch reading a book, Spencer at the computer, we suddenly heard the "tick tick tick" sound of ice hitting the windows.  Spencer and I looked at each other, then jumped up and rushed outside to see.  Snow was in the forecast, and we were both hopeful.  

It was too dark outside to see anything, but as we put our hands out into the night, tiny flecks of ice occasionally came to rest in our palms.  We were ECSTATIC!!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Wayback Wednesday #5 - My Older Brother, Kevin.

  I have an AWESOME older Brother! I don't get to see him very often, especially now that he is deployed, and I miss him terribly.  There are times when I see my brother in my oldest son, Garrett.  Certain expressions Garrett makes, or mannerisms he has reminds me SO MUCH of Kevin.   

Looking back on our childhood, I am assailed by so many wonderful memories. I treasure the memories I have with him, and I am so incredibly proud of who he has become.    I have always looked up to him, I suppose I always will.  Kevin was 5 years older than Keri and I, and I thought he hung the moon.   He could do no wrong in my eyes.  I followed him around like a puppy at times, which I'm sure irritated him to no ends.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New Year! ......... Let's Roast Some Weenies!

Saturday on New Years Day, Greg and I had a Bonfire/Weenie Roast.  Cause nothing says New Years like Weenies roasting over an open fire...... right?  LOL.

Actually we just wanted to have some friends over, but needed to watch our budget.... and Hot Dogs are pretty darn cheap. 

But it was fun!  The adults gathered around the fire, chatting, and snacking on the Cheese Dip until time to Roast the Weenies.  We had Chili, Cheese, Onions, Relish, and all the fixings for our "Dogs".  For dessert, we had SMORES! (Thanks Amy).  The kids LOVED roasting their own Marshmallows.  A game of Hide and Seek outside in the dark for the kids followed, and then we all went inside and played on the Wii. Well,......... Gregory played on the Wii with the kids. The rest of the adults sat around laughing at him.  Once he was thoroughly exhausted, we put on a movie.

It was a great way to start out the new year...... surrounded by family and friends, all having a good time.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Update - Finally Getting Well

The Sunday before Christmas I began feeling a little sick.  Sunday it was a tickle in my chest and throat, Monday it had become a rattle in my chest and I just didn't feel good, Tuesday I developed a cough and my energy level began to drop, Wednesday the cough got worse and I began sneezing.  I told Gregory Wednesday night as I was getting into bed that if I did not feel better in the morning,  I was going to go to the Doctor.  That night I could not get warm, I had chills, my body ached, and by morning time I was feeling miserable, so as soon as Greg got off work we set up an appointment for me to be seen.