Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I See Ghosts....... Does That Make Me Crazy?

I can’t really say that I believe in ghosts, but there are definitely things that have happened to me all throughout my life that are very hard to explain.  Believe me....I’ve tried.  I rationalize till I’m blue in the face, but in the end, all the “other explanations” just don’t make any sense.  Bumps in the night, shadows, voices, footsteps, and full apparitions.....either I’m haunted, or I’m crazy.

I’d think it was the latter, if others hadn’t witnessed some of it as well. Since I was a little girl I've seen things.....heard things.... that shouldn't be there. My earliest memory of this was when I was around 5 or 6 years old.  I saw "people" all the time, but I didn't think of them as ghosts.  My dad once told me when I was little I used to talk about the "people in the closet".
I remember seeing them, mostly women, gathered together talking quietly, a soft murmuring of noise. Sometimes several people, other times just one or two.  Nearly every night they appeared at the foot of the bed which happened to be directly in front of the closet, so I guess I assumed they came from there.  At times they would walk around the room.
There is no rhyme or reason to when I will experience something.  I don’t hold seances, call to the dead, or play with Ouija Boards.  I don’t encourage these sightings at all.  They scare me...
Imagine laying in bed with your eyes closed and open them to see a little boy standing next to your bed staring at you.  A little boy who is NOT your son.  This happened several months ago, but it scared the living crap out of me.  I had just gotten into bed next to my sleeping husband. I was facing the door to our bedroom, my back to him.
I had not been laying there long when I opened my eyes to see a shadowy figure of a little boy standing next to my bed staring at me... His arms were straight down against his sides, his chin tilted slightly down, looking up at me through long bangs.  His hair was cut in the “chili bowl” style, and it appeared to be light in color, possibly blond.  It was hard to tell exactly, because, as I mentioned, he was a shadow.  Not a dark menacing shadow, more like a “light” shadow.  Not exactly white, though if I had to describe him, I would say it was like looking at a Black and White movie.  I could tell his hair was light, because I could see the highlights in his hair. He didn’t say anything, or do anything.  Just stood there.....staring, unsmiling.
I know, I know..... you’re thinking I was dreaming.  I tried to convince myself of this as well. And who knows.....maybe I was.  But.... when I saw him, I shrank back against my husband, reaching around behind me hitting him to get him to wake up.  I was too afraid to take my eyes off the “apparition”, and I was whispering “Greg........Greg.....”  Why didn’t I scream out? I don’t know....all I can say is that I was absolutely terrified, and a breathless whisper was all I could manage.
Greg, not realizing anything was wrong, didn’t wake up easily.  He moaned and tried to push my hand away from him.  I finally took my eyes off the little boy long enough to turn and give a really hard shake, and of course, when I turned my head back around, the boy was gone.  I was up on my elbow, staring at the now empty spot, near tears, my heart racing.  Greg muttered “What’s wrong” and I told him.  He popped up in bed, looked, and tried to convince me I had been dreaming.  But he knew that it was very unlikely I was able to raise up on my elbow, reach behind me to tap him, and be asleep, and for me there was no question in my mind... I was awake.  If I had still been lying down, or if I hadn’t reached out to him, maybe it would be easier to believe that I had been dreaming. But we both knew I wasn't.  For the remainder of the night, I lay on my back, a death grip on my husbands arm with the hand closest to him, eyes wide open, until exhaustion took over and I finally slept.
At other times Greg was witness to some of these events.  For instance, in our old house a few years ago, we were laying in bed together talking when we heard one of the kids coming down the hallway.  Quickly my husband whispered, “and here come the kids....”We both lay there and waited, expecting one of the kids to come in at any moment.  Our bedroom door was open, and we heard their footsteps come into the room.  But they didn’t say anything.
Greg raised up to look over me, but no one was there.  We had JUST heard their footsteps enter, and didn’t hear them leave.  Still thinking it had to be one of the kids, he got up and walked along the hall, peering into each room.  All four kids were sound asleep, and there is no way possible they would have had time to run back to their room and get into bed without us seeing them. Unless they have super powers we are not aware of.
Greg and I both heard the footsteps in the hallway when we were alone in that house, at different times. Our computer was in the bedroom at the time, and often as we sat at the computer, the footsteps would come down the hall, enter our room, and sometimes we would hear a sigh.... as if someone or something was aggravated at something.  And we weren't the only ones to experience something, our children did too.
When my youngest was around four, she was alone in my oldest son's bedroom playing, when I heard her start to cry.  It was one of those cries where you KNOW something is wrong.  I thought she was hurt.  I raced down the hall into the bedroom, and found her standing in the middle of the room, shaking, crying uncontrollably. She said someone grabbed her arm, and when she turned around their was no one there.  On several different occasions my oldest son said he heard breathing in his room.
When my third child was younger, he came up to me and told me there was a man in the living room.  I put him and his siblings in a back bedroom, after checking it was clear, shut the door, and crept towards the living room.  No one was there.  I called my husband in a panic, and he had me search the entire house.  There was no one, both the front and back door was locked, and there were no damaged windows.   My son later described the man as wearing a brown shirt, brown boots, and a hat.
There are other stories...too numerous to list here, and some that are not mine to tell.  I'm not saying that what I have seen are actual ghosts, or even that there ARE ghosts.  My husband asked me to blog about our experiences, and at the risk of sounding completely insane....... I did. What you take from it is completely up to you. I'm not even sure what I believe....
Like I said......I'm either Haunted......Or I'm Crazy.  You decide :-)
Do YOU have any Ghost Stories? If you do, please tell me about in the comments below.

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