Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Update - Finally Getting Well

The Sunday before Christmas I began feeling a little sick.  Sunday it was a tickle in my chest and throat, Monday it had become a rattle in my chest and I just didn't feel good, Tuesday I developed a cough and my energy level began to drop, Wednesday the cough got worse and I began sneezing.  I told Gregory Wednesday night as I was getting into bed that if I did not feel better in the morning,  I was going to go to the Doctor.  That night I could not get warm, I had chills, my body ached, and by morning time I was feeling miserable, so as soon as Greg got off work we set up an appointment for me to be seen. 

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Maternity Shoot

There is just something so beautiful about pregnancy, and the miracle of a life growing inside you.

Over the past weekend I did a Maternity shoot with my cousin Alicia, and had a blast taking her photos. We went shopping Friday night looking for props and inspiration.  We searched ALL OVER for wooden alphabet blocks, but were unable to find any ANYWHERE.  Saturday we made one last attempt to find the blocks, but were unsuccessful.  The remainder of the day was spent doing makeup,  setting up the backgrounds (with my husbands help of course), lighting, and doing the actual shoot.  We were both really excited about getting them done.  

I'm Baaaaaack!!!!

After a very long hiatus, I am finally back online!!

Words cannot express my excitement!!  And without any further ado.......

I end this brief post so that I can "officially" start blogging again.  :)


Friday, August 27, 2010

Our First Game - In Pictures

Our First Game was last Saturday and it was HOT!!! 

I'm talking about "Fry an Egg on the Pavement" HOT!! Except... we were the eggs out there frying!  Our girls were troopers though, and did a great job despite the heat.  

We had a few little mishaps during our half time performance, but overall they did an awesome job.  I am very proud.  For most, this is their first year cheering.

Below are some of the pictures from the game......


Friday, August 6, 2010

Flying Fairies and Giant Ants -

Last night as I lay in bed at 2:00 a.m! I could not get to sleep.  
I wasn't the only one having that problem, my youngest two, in bed with me, were also restless, moving around and whispering in between my repeated Shushes.  I finally sent them to their rooms, but still failed to go to sleep. After a bit I got up to check on them, and found them both in Emily's room, laughing, giggling, and having a good ole time.  

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Aaaahhhh...... The joys of Motherhood.  When we take on our role as mother and provider, we find ourselves doing and saying things we never thought we would.  It opens a new world to us of things we thought we would never see.  Such as poop in hair.  I'll explain below....

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Who Says You Can't Eat Your Cake and Enjoy It Too?

Oh how time does fly.

My baby girl just turned 14.  It is still so hard to believe that I have two teenagers.  Not to mention a preteen and a 9 year old.

For Lauren's birthday we went to my mom's house and swam.  They fixed burgers on the grill, and we had homemade ice-cream.  I made Lauren's favorite cake......chocolate cake with chocolate icing......yum! 

We let the kids swim for a bit, then had them come in for the cake....

Lauren REALLY enjoyed her cake!   

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Summer Time Fun -

I love Summer Time.  Not really the heat so much, but all the time we get to spend together as a family.  Growing up, it seems my sister and I had a friend over nearly every day of the summer.  If they were not at our house, we were at theirs.  We even had a friend that came on family vacations with us.  She became a part of our family.

My kids too have friends that they are always with.  Each of them have become so much a part of our family, that it seems there is something missing when they are gone.  It can get pretty hectic around the house to say the least, but I enjoy every moment of the madness.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Clutter Me Crazy -

I hate clutter.  I really do.  My house can be spotless, but if I have a lot of knick knacks out, or appliances on my counter, for me..... the house feels dirty.
We recently downsized and moved from our 2 story house to a small one.  Until we can get a shed for storage, we are having to store everything inside the house, which means boxes and storage bins stacked against the wall.  It is driving me crazy!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Ready - Set - CHEER!

This year I am an assistant Coach for my youngest daughter's Cheerleading Squad.  I'm super excited about it, and I think it is going to be a lot of fun.  A lot of hard work....... but fun, too.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

It Was An Accident - I Swear!

Last week I murdered our Mower.....
Just to clarify, it wasn't on purpose, more like involuntary manslaughter.   Sure, I'll admit, I hated that mower.  Well, maybe not the mower, but the whole mowing thing.  I am not ashamed to admit I was not cut out for hard manual labor.  That, and heat....and sweating.  Unless it is the good kind of sweat, and working hard out in the Texas sun is not the good kind of sweat.  Not for me.

Monday, July 19, 2010

In Loving Memory of Mamaw Carter -

After watching a show on PBS on Geneology the subject of my family and ancestors was brought up.  This led me to think of my Mamaw Carter, who has been gone for several years now.  Last night as I lay in bed, I thought of her and all the wonderful memories I have of her.  It is so hard to believe sometimes, that someone who was so "large in life" and so much an integral part of me, is now just a memory.  A lot of who I am today, I owe to her.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Lake Tahoe - A Pain in the Butt

When my mom was married to her second husband, Larry, every summer we went on vacation somewhere.  We would load down the van with luggage, drinks, and groceries.  I can remember traveling many a mile with my hand stuck in a box of Lucky Charms.  

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Cyber Junkie - Back at Last

Finally! We have internet again!
I hadn't realized how dependant I was on the internet until I had to spend a couple of months without it.  My only glimpse into the "cyber" world was my iPhone..... I'm not sure when or how it happened, but I have become a Cyber Junkie.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Growing up Twin -

I have never been alone.  From the moment of conception, as a tiny embryo, my sister was right at my side.  Growing up we did everything together, even being born.
Keri was always the leader, sometimes at great cost.  She was the first out of the womb, making the way easier for me, but the process took its toll on her.  In December of ’74, just two months old, we both caught pneumonia.  Being the first born, Keri’s immune system was weaker than mine, and her case was more serious.  We were both admitted into the hospital.  As my mom rocked Keri to sleep, she noticed her skin had become tinged blue, as well as her lips.  Keri was rushed to Children’s Medical Center in Dallas. On the way to Children’s, Keri stopped breathing 2 more times.

Being so tiny, her ankle and hear head were the only places that could take an IV.  A small patch of hair was shaved just to the right of her forehead, where the IV was inserted, the hair never grew back there.  A breathing tube was placed down her throat, and monitors were hooked up everywhere. The chaplain was called in and met with the family members, as it wasn’t thought she would make it. But Keri had an indomitable spirit and personality, even from birth, and she recovered and began to thrive.  15 days later she was able to return home.
I never knew until I was much older how close I came to losing my sister. If I even try to imagine life without her...... I can’t.  She is so much a part of me, I sometimes feel that there is no “me” without “her”.  All throughout life, all I had to do was look over, and there she was.  We shared everything, from clothes, to toys, to friends. When I speak of my childhood, even to strangers or brand new friends, I speak of the past in plural.  “our birthday is....” “when we were 5....” .... I do it without thinking.

We shared a room until we were maybe 10 or 12? But even after getting our own rooms, we still slept together at night.  When we were little I was always scared of the dark. Every night as part of our bedtime ritual, we lay on our backs holding hands, Keri would go around the room naming everything in the closet, on the walls, on the floor, under the bed..... so I would know what every shadow was. She never got angry if I asked her to “double check” in the closet, or under the bed.  She would flip the light on, look around, naming all she saw.   I think back on that now, and I am humbled and awed by the love and patience she has for me.
Keri also “took care” of me when we were young. She often spoke for both of us, and made our friends for us.  I was an extremely shy and timid child, the exact opposite of Keri. If I wanted or needed something, I could tell Keri, and she would ask for me.
I can remember being at a distant relatives house that we had never met before.  We were offered cookies, but  I didn’t take any because I was too shy and embarrassed.  Without even asking me, Keri knew I wanted some cookies, so she went to the relative and asked for some cookies for me. That was, and still is, very typical for us. Even as adults, if Keri sees I am in need of something, she just does...or gets.

When I was a single mother, times were so hard, and cash was very short. One year the reunion was held at a restaurant. I had no money, so just ordered tea. When Keri arrived shortly after I did, and placed her order, she ordered hers and mine.  She didn’t even ask if I wanted anything.  She saw I wasn’t eating, was able to read me in an instant, knew I wouldn’t willingly let her buy my meal, and took control.  Some people may have felt that was “assuming” or “pushy” and been upset.  At the time I felt ashamed that she was still having to “take care of me”, but no words could ever express how grateful and honored I am to have such an amazing sister who loves me so much.
Though not identical, Keri knows me inside and out.  She knows all my darkest secrets, and annoying habits. We can communicate with each other without ever uttering a word.  She knows my every gesture, every look, and can read me better than anyone else.  There are no secrets between us, and it would be impossible to even try to keep one from her.  She has a “sense” when there is something wrong, and 99% of the time, she knows how I feel without having to ask.

Maybe all sisters feel this way, or maybe twins do have a stronger bond.  I am so grateful that I have had such a wonderful sister to share my life with.  I am glad that I have never had to be alone, that we have been there for each other for everything.  Though many miles separate us now, she is never far from me.  There are some days I miss her so much it is like a physical pain, but I have only to look within myself to see her again.
I love you Keri.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Wayback Wednesday, Post #2 - Grandma and Grandad Bailey -

I can remember spending many nights at my Grandma and Grandad Bailey's house.  During the summers we stayed for weeks at a time.  We loved it.  Looking back, I don't know how she managed to keep her sanity.  It wasn't just me and my siblings there, it was ALL the cousins.  At any given time she would have 7 to 8 kids running in and out of the house, sometimes more when we brought a friend.
Grandma never minded though.  She loved us being there.  I can not remember a single time that she lost her patience and yelled at us.  That's not to say she didn't get on to us.  I remember her chasing the older cousins around with a switch from the tree or more often, her fly swatter.  I don't remember ever getting a whipping myself, though I am sure I must have.  Grandma had a paddle hanging on her wall that someone had decorated and given her.  "Grandma's Paddle" was written across it.  I don't remember the paddle ever leaving her wall.  Grandma and Grandad both were easy-going, never yelling or screaming at any of us.  Their patience seemed limitless.......or maybe that is why Grandad spent so much time out in the shed.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Tragedy Close To Home -

I headed out a short while ago this morning to take my children to school.  As I got further on down the road, it appeared that there were vehicles just parked in the road.  They were not moving, there was not any break lights, and I could see people standing outside their vehicles.... I assumed there must have been an accident.  As I crept forward, a truck coming from the opposite direction pulled up, arm waving out the drivers side window... apparantly a house burned down earlier this morning and the firemen were not letting any vehicles through.  I turned around and called the school to let them know, but they were already aware of the situation.
As I drove back home, my children in the backseat asked what I would do if our house burned down, and wanted to know if  I would cry?  My response: Most Definately!
This question of course led to numerous terrifying thoughts, of my house burning, children trapped inside, losing everything.....This is a fear that sometimes haunts me in the middle of the night, prompting trips through the house, checking on the kids.  Hours of lying in bed, thinking of strategies of how to save my family if this happens.  The kids have been taught fire safety in school, and we have discussed crawling on the floor, stop drop and roll, etc., but if a fire did happen, in the ensuing panic would they remember? Would I?  The image of Mary Ingle (can't remember her married name) from Little House on the Prairie enters my thoughts....the episode where she and her baby are trapped upstairs in a house fire, blind and unable to see, holding her baby as she beats on the window trying to break it....  the baby being lost in the fire...  That episode scared me so much as a little girl. And it is a fear that many people have to face in their lifetime.  In an instant, tragedy can strike and totally disrupt our lives.  This was a reminder to me today to appreciate everything that I have.  To not get caught up in my material possessions, to keep in mind what really matters in life.
My heart goes out to the victims of this house fire, and I pray that no one was injured.   Our material things can always be replaced....eventually.   I pray for this family that they all are unharmed, that they can rebuild their lives after this tragedy, and that they will eventually find peace in the aftermath.
I need to head back out and see if the road is clear so the kids can go to school.  I do not know yet who these victims are, but they will be in my thoughts and prayers.......

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


This is the first post in a new series I will be doing every Wednesday.  ln celebration of "Wayback Wednesday"  I will post about a special memory in my lifetime.  For my first post, I wanted to post about something very special.  My memories on first becoming a mother......

I was fairly young when I first became a mom, only 19.  I had been married for just a little over six months.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Learning To Let Go -

Last night I went into the local grocery store to pick up a few items, and was met by the strangest sight. Two boys that my son played Baseball with back in Elementary School were working as Sackers..... My oldest has talked about starting work next year, and I know that day is coming.  But seeing those boys with their light fuzzy facial hair, WORKING, came as quite a shock.  I suddenly felt so OLD! My baby boy is becoming a man.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I See Ghosts....... Does That Make Me Crazy?

I can’t really say that I believe in ghosts, but there are definitely things that have happened to me all throughout my life that are very hard to explain.  Believe me....I’ve tried.  I rationalize till I’m blue in the face, but in the end, all the “other explanations” just don’t make any sense.  Bumps in the night, shadows, voices, footsteps, and full apparitions.....either I’m haunted, or I’m crazy.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

My Son The Superstar -

My 3rd child is becoming a Superstar.  Seriously.... His face and image are popping up in several up and coming videos.  But you won't see him in Hollywood.....

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

In The Eyes Of A Child -

I often wish I could once again look at the world through the eyes of a child.  A time when magic still filled my days, and there was something fascinating to see everywhere I went.   My opinions of what I should like or want was not yet structured by society and rules.  I had my own vision of beauty.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Birds and The Bees - (proceed with caution: some material may be offensive to some)

I always wanted an open relationship with my children so that when they got to be teens they could come to me about anything.  ANYTHING!  And so far..... they have.  Do they talk to me about drugs? yes!  Do they talk to me about sex? Absolutely!!  masturbation? Yep, that too.   There really isn't a topic that is "off-limits", and I don't think that there should be.  I may not always answer a question if it is too personal, but they are always free to ask.  I answer them honestly and matter of factly.  Is this how parenting should be? By being open about these issues, does it diminish my authority as a parent?  I don't think so......My daughter often tells me that I am her Best Friend because she can tell me anything.  Can we be our children's "friends' and still be "the parent"? Or am I setting myself up for difficult times ahead?

Monday, March 29, 2010

Reverse Suprise Party -

Want to know the secret to throwing a GREAT Birthday Party? Don't plan one...... Worked for me!
The past two birthdays, my youngest daughter Emily has had a small party with friends, but very few of those invited ever showed up.  My youngest son (3rd child of 4) hasn't really ever had a birthday party.  We tried a couple of times, but his birthday is 4 days before Christmas, and that is a hard time of year to try and get guests to come.   We always say we are going to throw him a party the month before, or the month after, but so far.... it hasn't happened.  My husband and I had both agreed that until Spencer had a turn at having a big party, we would not throw any more parties for the other children.  We told Emily in advance that for her birthday we would celebrate together as a family, just like we did on Spencer's birthday... we explicitly explained we would not be having a "party".
SHE had other plans......

The morning of Emily's birthday I woke with a migraine..... I was determined to try to get rid of it before the kids got home, I did not want her birthday spoiled by my headache.  I took some medicine, went to my room, blocked all the light I could, and crawled under the covers and went to sleep.  Emily's birthday fell on a Monday, and I really needed to get some cleaning done from the weekend, but I didn't wake until late that afternoon.  My headache was still there, but better.  It was so late in the day, I didn't have time to clean or even take a shower before time for Greg to be home.  But.....we weren't going anywhere, we were going to just stay home to celebrate, no one was coming over, and I didn't feel good, so I didn't worry about it.  I threw on some clothes and made my way downstairs to start preparing lunch.  After lunch Greg went to bed, and I took it easy for the next hour as I waited for the kids to get home.
When the bus arrived, and Emily came inside she had a friend with her that lives in our neighborhood.  She said that "R" wanted to know if she could have some cake and ice-cream with us....... O.K.
Greg, upstairs sleeping, woke when he heard the kids come in, so came down in nothing but sleep pants to wish Emily Happy Birthday, and to set up his FLIP Camera to record her opening her gifts and blowing out the candle.  As he began to set up the camera, the kids made their way to the table.  I heard "R" state that she was the first one to arrive at the Party.  Wait a minute....wait a minute.....the first to arrive?  I reminded Emily that this year we were not having a party, she nodded her understanding....
At this point the Camera was set up and recording.  Greg told her to go ahead and open her gifts. As she tore into the first present.....
KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK............ more guests had arrived.
Panicking now..... I asked Emily how many people she had invited? Her friend "R" stated matter of factly, "Lots of People".   Greg, half naked, except for his sleeping pants, said he was going to bed, and practically raced up the stairs.  On his way, he glanced out the front window, and hollared...."Teri! The whole neighborhood is at our front door!!"
So I.....having had NO shower, having NO makeup, Hair NOT brushed or even an ATTEMPT made to tame it, wearing YESTERDAY's dirty clothes (and THANK GOODNESS, a Bra) .... made my way through my DIRTY house to the front door....
Emily had invited all the neighborhood kids over to her "party" for cake and ice-cream..... and they all came, including one parent.  Had I planned for a party, we would not have had as many guests as we did for Emily's "Reverse Surprise Party" she threw.....
I just barely, by the scrape of my teeth, had enough cake and ice-cream to go around.

Here is a video my husband put together of what was captured on film.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Lessons Learned At Death's Doorway -

Self Awareness.....
It doesn't always come easy.  For years I felt that who I am and who I am supposed to be aren't the same.  I always wanted more out of life. I wanted to BE more, DO more, HAVE more.....I wanted to LIVE.... to feel that rush of Life's energy pulsing through me.  I didn't want to "go through the motions" of life everyday, but experience life as it should be.  I wanted to do things I had never done before, go places, see things.  I wanted to be remembered, I wanted to feel as if when my time on earth was over, there would be no regrets. No "if only's" or "should haves".

My journey to self-discovery began shortly after my youngest daughters birth.  She was 4 weeks old when I went in for a routine gall bladder surgery.  Very simple surgery, I would be able to leave that same day.  However, as we soon discovered, there was nothing routine about it.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Bedtime Battles -

My youngest two children both became very attached to their blankets as babies.  Their blankets came everywhere with us.  We didn't dare try to go anywhere without them. Their Blankets had Magical Powers.  They could stop tears in 2.0 seconds flat.  If something upset one of them, all we had to do was call on the mysterious power of the "Blankie" and suddenly everything was all better.  No more tears, no tantrum, just peace.  But the BEST power from the Blanket came at night.....When bedtime came around, it was a simple matter of laying them down, saying "night, night", giving them their blankets, and leaving the room......
Oh, How I Miss Those Days!!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


To Work....or Not to Work....... that is the question my husband and I agonized over for several months, before I took the plunge and quit my job.  It wasn't an easy decision for us.  We debated long and hard over what we felt would be right for our family.  If I were to stay home once again, our lifestyle would have to change.  While their are many perks to this lifestyle, there are also many drawbacks.
This isn't my first time to be a Stay At Home Mom.  I stayed home for 7 years before starting work 3 years ago.   With the second income, our lifestyle changed.  We ate out more, we went somewhere every weekend, rarely staying at home. And we were able to buy the kids more toys and gifts than we ever could previously.  I'm not saying that we were extremely wealthy, by any means, only that it opened up a little bit more freedom than we had before.  Over time that new lifestyle became our new habits.
We began to have to schedule in days that we could stay home.  It sounds crazy, but we had gotten to the point where life was so hectic that we were always on the go. Every Saturday morning was spent cleaning the house, doing all the things we were not able to get done during the week.  Once everyone was showered, dressed, and ready to go, we hit the town, or went to whatever we had planned that day.  We always looked forward to those days when we had nothing planned and could just stay home all day.  With both of us working all week, staying home had become our new luxury.
Ask any Working mother, and she will tell you that it is often a struggle to balance work and home.
Mornings were a rush to get not only myself ready but also the kids.  I wish I could say that everything was organized and running on a smooth schedule.... everyone down early enough to eat breakfast together, dressed and ready to go.  But ........... I'm not a liar.  The truth is that it was usually a mad dash to get everyone downstairs and in the car on time.  Breakfast was skipped for me, and for the kids it was usually a quick bowl of cereal or pop tarts eaten in the car on the drive to school.
After dropping the kids off , I spent the next hour or more fighting traffic to get to work.  Getting off anywhere between 5:30 and 6:00 it was another hour in traffic before arriving home at 7:00. By this time it was only an hour and a half before time for the kids to be in bed.  Greg, working nights, went to bed as soon as they got off the bus, so the kids were always ready to eat, the snack he fed them worn off.  There was just enough time for a very quick meal, bath, then bed.  Needless to say, I didn't get much housework done during the week. At night I would stand over the kids just watching them sleep, because I missed them so much and just wanted to be near them.  I felt like I didn't really ever get to see them anymore, and I asked myself...... who is really raising these chilren?
When we began to think seriously about me staying home again, I was resistant.  Not because I didn't want to be home, but because I was scared.  I had become so accustomed to that second income, I was scared not to have it.  I also worried about what impact it would have on the kids, not being able to do and provide everything we have been.  During our discussion we put pen to paper, not only for budgeting, but also a list of pro's and con's.
All the reasons for me to continue working were material things.  And all the reasons to stay home were beneficial to us as a FAMILY.
When talking to my oldest two, who are 13 and 15, the things they remember most aren't the gifts we bought them.  It isn't all the trips to the mall, or to the bowling alley, or the movies we've seen at the theatres.  Their fondest memories are of the little things that I once did, and thought nothing of.  Like sitting on their beds, singing to them until they fell asleep when they were very young.  All the silly stories I made up with their help.  Reading to them, dancing in the kitchen together, charades, monopoly, Hide-and-Seek with Greg in the closet for an hour waiting for them to find him.  Greg's puppet shows using their stuffed animals. Movie Nights, with pillows, blankets, and a tub of popcorn.  These are the memories they cherish.  These are the memories I cherish.
And I realized somewhere along the way, we lost those special moments, and Spencer and Emily never had them.  After Emily was born, I started attending college.  Most of my free time was spent in class, and studying, when not cleaning house.  Then I began working, and there was no free time anymore.  And suddenly the decision I had been agonizing over for so long, was so simple.  Each family situation is different, and there are some moms who can juggle working and home better than I ever could.  But I know for my family, I am making the right choice.
It will be an adjustment for us at first........but I am at peace with my decision.

Monday, March 1, 2010



Monday, February 22, 2010

The Fancy Spoon -

Anyone who has a brother or sister knows that all siblings fight. It is a natural phenomenon that occurs in every multi-child household.  No matter how close the siblings are, how much they love each other, or how hard we as parents work to make sure everything is fair and equal between them, they are going to fight.  And kids can find some of the darndest things to fight over.
They may fight over who sits where in the car, who got the most ice-cream in their bowl, or which one is responsible for the sharks you found  drawn in permanent ink on the bathroom door.  It's guaranteed they will find SOMETHING to fight over.
In our house, it is "The Fancy Spoon".
Now, you might imagine a very valuable, rare, solid gold spoon, or one with detailed engravings and scrollwork on its stem.  Or even a special spoon that is only used on rare occassions.....but... truth is...the "fancy spoon"...... is just an ordinary spoon that we somehow wound up with at our house.  It was probably left by accident by someone at our latest family gathering.  It is a plain ordinary spoon with a "wooden" handle... That's it.  No fancy scrollwork, no gold, no special occasions... nada....... but it has been deemed the "fancy spoon" by my youngest two.... and for them...that spoon is the most coveted thing in our house.
I really should just get rid of the spoon.  That spoon has caused more arguing, trickery, and deceipt than it is worth. Who would have thought that one spoon could  cause so much trouble? I's a SPOON for crying out loud!!
The Spoon turned up at our house one day after a family holiday.  As I served the kids their breakfast, Emily, the youngest, looked at her brother and said "ooooh look!  I got a fancy spoon."  Little did I know these words would kick off a private war between the two of them.    A few days later, over yogurt, Emily once again wound up with the fancy spoon.  Spencer said it was his turn to eat with the fancy spoon, but Emily had already claimed it as hers, licking the spoon to insure that it would not be taken from her.  I told Spencer maybe next time, he can use that spoon.  Emily took great delight in eating her yogurt with the Fancy Spoon, taking her sweet time and being sure to wave the spoon around in the air, drawing Spencer's unwilling gaze over and over to the coveted spoon.
It then became a battle between them, who would get to use the spoon.  One morning in particular, Spencer managed to snag the fancy spoon for himself, and was holding a spoon out for Emily to use. She ignored his outstretched hand, and snatched the fancy spoon away from him, deciding to take the spoon by force. I had to step in that morning and make Emily give the spoon back.  She, of course, then refused to eat and went to school without any breakfast that day.
Please keep in mind, they normally do not ever behave so aggressively.  They really are mild mannered children.
But something about that spoon brings out the worst in them.
-It should be called the "Devil" Spoon-
The weeks that followed led to more and more strategic moves by them, each one determined to out do the other.  It became a race, and sometimes battle, who would set the table when they are called down to meals.  Each one hoping to find the fancy spoon in the drawer and set it by their plate.  The spoon has gone missing a couple of times only to turn up at mealtime by one or the other, suddenly remembering they "accidentally" put it in the wrong drawer.
That spoon has caused me more headaches than I care to recall.
Maybe for Christmas I should get them each a set of "fancy spoons" and end the fight once and for all.
Then again, I shudder to think what they might find to fight over next.

Saturday, February 20, 2010



February 11th and February 12th were two of the BEST days I have had in a VERY LONG Time!
There is just something magical about the sight of snow falling.  Growing up in Texas, it is something rarely seen, and never to the extent I saw over those two days.  As the snow fell softly from the sky, covering the ground in soft white, I could not contain my excitement.  Like a little kid in a candy shop, I couldn't wait to get outside and just stand, arms spread wide, feeling the gentle kiss of each snowflake fall against me.  I felt I would burst with excitement, unable to contain and control the swelling joy engulfing me.  Even after finally returning indoors, I couldn't stay away from the windows, watching, praying it would not end.  And for DIDN"T!!  Not for a very long time!
We all stayed home those two days.  That first morning, I sat drinking my coffee watching the snow fall outside.... and it was Magical!
With rainfall the sky is gray and overcast and the soft pitter patter of rain against  the roof and windows can be heard.  While I love the sounds of rain, it pales in comparison to watching a Snowfall.  The snow seemed to glide ever so gently  down to earth, the scene peaceful and relaxing.  The snow on the ground shone a brilliant white against a backdrop of blue sky.  As the afternoon wore on, and the silent storm picked up speed, the snow twirled and danced gracefully, frolicking in the winter wind.
As more snow fell throughout the day, the ground was covered in a thick blanket of snow, and everything was transformed into pure beauty.
I wasn't the only one excited, we all were.  For two days, there was not an outside world. There was just us, home together, enjoying each others company.  We had snowball fights, made snow ice-cream, and the kids and Greg built a snow man.  Our dog Prissy enjoyed the snow too, and every time the door opened she would run outside to play.  Things had been so stressful lately, the Snow Days acted as a soothing balm, letting us escape all troubles and worries.  It healed me in ways nothing else could have.
They say this is probably a "once in a lifetime experience" for those of us here in Dallas.  I know I will treasure these memories forever, and for the rest of my life I will continue to wait and hope for another Snow Day Miracle.

Monday, January 25, 2010

13 And Glamorous!

This weekend  I got some great shots of my oldest daughter Lauren. I consider this a great achievement for a couple of reasons, number one being she posed willingly for numerous photos and had fun doing it.  In the past she has always been resistant to getting her photo taken.  I had managed previously to get some shots of her and a friend while they were goofing off being silly, dressed up in her 8 year old sister's dress up clothes, but other attempts were unsuccessful.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Life is full of opportunities - We just need to have the courage to grasp them.

Could the New Year have started out any Worse?
I brought in the New Year sick and still have that stubborn lingering cough going on.  I finally started feeling better, and began making plans to meet goals set for this year, and BAM!! 13 fellow employees were let go, and everyones salary was cut by 10% firm wide.  10%!?  And with the salary cut, I have taken on more responsibilities at work...... great!!  Don't get me wrong,  I am very grateful for the experience this will provide me, but I was hoping my salary would be increasing this year, not the other way around.  Such is life, I suppose.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Day One - 2010

Day one of the new year, and I am sick. Just Great!
How many others are starting out their new year feeling a little under the weather? A great many I would dare say. I'm sure countless people across the world woke from a long night of partying, hung over from their excesses the night before. Celebrating the end of one year, and welcoming the start of another.
As for me, I stayed home safe and sound surrounded by those I love the best. My family. There is no place else I would have rather been.