Tuesday, April 20, 2010

My Son The Superstar -

My 3rd child is becoming a Superstar.  Seriously.... His face and image are popping up in several up and coming videos.  But you won't see him in Hollywood.....

He is starring in several short films made by none other than, my husband, Greg Snell.
Everyone has a creative outlet.  I have always encouraged my children to find theirs and run with it, and my husband is no exception.  He has recently started making short you-tube videos just for fun.
It all began with his iPhone.... He did a short skit titled "The Disappearing Remote" using his iPhone and conned my oldest two and a friend to participate.  It was a hilarious skit and the kids had fun making it with him.   The skit was really short, but he spent hours and hours editing and piecing it together, enjoying every minute of it.
Recently I bought him the Flip HD Camera, he LOVES it! He has made several more videos using his Flip Camera. Together with his Flip and with a version of Final Cut Pro that he uses to edit with, he has turned out some really creative videos.  I never realized how much time and effort went into making videos until seeing him make his with all the voice-overs, layering, piecing different clips together.....and other techniques of which I know NOTHING of.
Being Dyslexic he rarely reads, unless it is one of his news or tech apps on the iPhone, and I don't think he would disagree when I say writing his not his forte.  I have never seen him draw anything more than a dog, a lion, or a tree for one of the kids, but it is safe to say he is no Picasso.  But he IS very talented and very creative.  The videos allow him to tap into that creativity, and gives him a medium to work with.  Not to mention a son willing to be his guinea pig.
Spencer, our third child, stars in most of Greg's videos.  He is really the only one that will willingly participate anymore.  The two older ones, being teenagers, don't want to be in anymore videos after they realized the videos would be put up on YouTube.  After all, their friends might see....
But Greg's love for making videos has rubbed off on Spencer.  Spencer definitely likes making videos a WHOLE LOT MORE than starring in them, but he learns a lot by participating and watching his dad make his.
Spencer has started making his own videos starring Adam, the Sock Monkey, and other "guest star stuffed animals", using a small recorder he received for Christmas.  The available space for recording time is fairly low, and the quality is not great, but Spencer has really enjoyed making his videos and putting them together like his Dad taught him to on his old Mac computer. If his interest continues Santa just might get him a better computer, and for his birthday he just might get a higher quality video camera. maybe a Flip Camera like Dads.....
You can see Greg's latest video by clicking on the following link: Spencer Walks Alone

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