Thursday, July 1, 2010

Cyber Junkie - Back at Last

Finally! We have internet again!
I hadn't realized how dependant I was on the internet until I had to spend a couple of months without it.  My only glimpse into the "cyber" world was my iPhone..... I'm not sure when or how it happened, but I have become a Cyber Junkie.

12 years ago, I did not own a computer.  The internet was a foreign word to me.  I had a cell phone for "emergency use" only, so kept it turned off all the time.  I had a few friends who owned Pagers, but  I thought they were ridiculous unless needed for a job.  I refused to be at someones beck and call 24 hours a day.  The most technologically advanced equipment I owned was my answering machine.
Flash Forward to present day:  I carry around a small handheld computer/phone (iPhone) all day long.  It stays on me constantly. I keep it in my pocket, and if I do not have a pocket I will carry it around in my hand.  I don't even go to the bathroom without carrying it in with me.  I can't count the number of times a day I check Facebook and Twitter on my phone, not to mention my emails.  If I try to call my husband and he doesn't pick up (unless he is working) I get mad.  I EXPECT him to be available 24/7.  I get so aggravated at my children when they leave their ringers off and I can't get a hold of them.  If I drive anywhere that I haven't been before, I have to take my GPS.  I don't ever refer to maps anymore, I put all my faith and trust in the GPS to show me the way.
Once we moved into our new place, we had to wait a bit before getting internet set up out here.  Being out in the "country" we had to find a Service Provider that serviced this area, and we had to buy the necessary equipment.  During this time, my iPhone has been the only thing that has kept my sanity.  I had serious withdrawals from being cut off from the cyber world.  There is only so much that the iPhone can do.
I can go without Cable.  I can go without Television.  But DO NOT mess with my Internet!  :-)

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