Tuesday, July 20, 2010

It Was An Accident - I Swear!

Last week I murdered our Mower.....
Just to clarify, it wasn't on purpose, more like involuntary manslaughter.   Sure, I'll admit, I hated that mower.  Well, maybe not the mower, but the whole mowing thing.  I am not ashamed to admit I was not cut out for hard manual labor.  That, and heat....and sweating.  Unless it is the good kind of sweat, and working hard out in the Texas sun is not the good kind of sweat.  Not for me.

It all began on one VERY HOT late morning.  I was late to bed and early to rise that morning.   My sole purpose for getting up early was to get some mowing done.  I mowed one section before taking a much needed rest, then headed out to mow some more.  I was merrily trudging along when the mower sputtered out of gas.  I put more in. The mower still would not start, so I raised it up to clean off the blades..... and drowned it in oil.
Who am I to know that there is a certain way you should turn the mower to clean off the blades? Mrs. Tool Time?  I am but a simple home-maker,  determined to make my husbands job easier by helping with the mowing.  How was I to know that by raising the mower straight up, all the oil would flood the carborator and other various foriegn parts of the mower?  For 20 minutes I worked in the blazing sun to try and save the mower.... I pulled and pulled on the cord to jumpstart it's engine, but all efforts failed.  The Mower was already gone.
But some good did come out of this horrible ACCIDENTAL (I swear!) tragedy.  We were able to find an old used riding lawn mower for $250.00.
So what if it is not all shiny, new, and a massive powerhorse? It works, and cut the entire acre in less time than it took to mow half that amount with the other mower......
And the best part? My ass isn't out there in the Texas Heat with a pushmower anymore.

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