Friday, August 6, 2010

Flying Fairies and Giant Ants -

Last night as I lay in bed at 2:00 a.m! I could not get to sleep.  
I wasn't the only one having that problem, my youngest two, in bed with me, were also restless, moving around and whispering in between my repeated Shushes.  I finally sent them to their rooms, but still failed to go to sleep. After a bit I got up to check on them, and found them both in Emily's room, laughing, giggling, and having a good ole time.  

So......I broke up their little party and put them back in bed with me so that at least I would know they were being quiet.  By 2:30 a.m. they were finally asleep.....I wasn't.  I would slip into that hazy place you reach moments before you fall asleep, where your mind begins to drift into a slight dreamlike state.  Like when you are really tired and trying to say your bedtime prayers, and you wind up praying about flying fairies and giant ants, or some other such nonsense...  

Or am I the only one that does that?  

Anyway.....I was just on that precipice of falling asleep, but I could never quite go over the ledge.  Having had cheer practice yesterday, and working on cheers with Emily right before going to bed, my thoughts naturally followed in that direction.  I began thinking of cheer movements, cheer formations, parent meetings next year, what speech I would give, blah blah blah.  Which makes no sense, really, but there you have it.  

So at 2:50 a.m.  I was up out of bed, standing in my kitchen, at 35 years of age, doing cheers.  My only audience the cat.  I then sat down and made notes of the formations that I had dreamed up, most of which looked like a cross between a football play sheet, and chicken scratches.   After I wrote out all my notes, (even though they most likely will never be used, and I'm about 99.8% sure they wouldn't have worked anyway), I laid back down.  Having cleared my mind of it all, I was finally able to get to sleep... to dream of  Flying Fairies and Giant Ants.


  1. Hi, I can relate to the insomnia as I have it form time to time too... I would love to connect with you... Happy Follow Friday! I stopped by to follow you! Where is your follow page?

  2. Hi follower from the Friday Blog Hops. Great blog you have here. I too got very little sleep last night, so you aren't alone in that boat. I can't imagine why I am not sleeping right now.

    Anyway, hoping you'll drop by for a visit when you get a moment. I love new followers and friends.



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  3. Thanks Eliz and Marie. I left each of you personal comments on your blogs. Thanks again for visiting!

  4. Happy weekend to you Teri... I am now following you.
    Thanks for stopping by to let me know you set up the follow page. I am fairly new to using the blogger platform regularly and didn't set mine up for weeks... I kept wondering why no one followed me back. LOL!
    Best wishes on your move. I have a WordPress blog and will keep it as I do like that platform too. :-)

  5. Teri, this is so cute. I am with ya there. I was so tired last night and couldn't go to sleep until late. Andrew in bed between Carlos and I, Alex in his bed in our room, and Tyler had his cousin over laughing in his room till all hours. I too think of cheers and moves, then realize the girls will probably think "how old and uncool are you?" Oh well, I am here now and I love it. I am so gald you joined us. You have great ideas. I love your blog and try to read it at least once a week to catch up.