Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Maternity Shoot

There is just something so beautiful about pregnancy, and the miracle of a life growing inside you.

Over the past weekend I did a Maternity shoot with my cousin Alicia, and had a blast taking her photos. We went shopping Friday night looking for props and inspiration.  We searched ALL OVER for wooden alphabet blocks, but were unable to find any ANYWHERE.  Saturday we made one last attempt to find the blocks, but were unsuccessful.  The remainder of the day was spent doing makeup,  setting up the backgrounds (with my husbands help of course), lighting, and doing the actual shoot.  We were both really excited about getting them done.  

 Often while we are pregnant, we miss the beauty of the transformation.  Carrying around the extra weight, with our bodies rapidly changing from week to week, we sometimes feel fat, clumsy, and not like ourselves.  Maternity photos are a way to capture the beauty of the moment.  Although we may not feel it at the time, years to come we can look back and see how truly beautiful we were.

In my cousin's case.........she will have two Maternity shoots done.  We found out today after her 3rd sonogram, she is having a GIRL instead!  ;)

(This photo is one my husband took the rest are mine)

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