Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Update - Finally Getting Well

The Sunday before Christmas I began feeling a little sick.  Sunday it was a tickle in my chest and throat, Monday it had become a rattle in my chest and I just didn't feel good, Tuesday I developed a cough and my energy level began to drop, Wednesday the cough got worse and I began sneezing.  I told Gregory Wednesday night as I was getting into bed that if I did not feel better in the morning,  I was going to go to the Doctor.  That night I could not get warm, I had chills, my body ached, and by morning time I was feeling miserable, so as soon as Greg got off work we set up an appointment for me to be seen. 

When I got to the Doctor's office, I was able to go straight back.  I was running a temperature and found out that I had the Flu.  Because of the wheezing in my lungs and slight difficulty breathing, they did a breathing treatment and I got a nice lovely steroid shot.  I was too late for Tamiflu, but the Doctor was worried about Pneumonia so prescribed an antibiotic along with 2 inhalers, steroid pills, and Mucinex.  I have been recovering ever since.  Although each day I have felt a little better than the day before, night time is still hard.  By then my wheeziness is back, and I generally do not feel good.  And I have had NO STRENGTH at all.  I get tired very easy.

For the past several days I have been doing little menial chores, such as loads of laundry or dishes, but just haven't had the strength to do any major cleaning.  And BELIEVE ME!! After a week and a half of the house not being cleaned....... It NEEDS IT! But tonight I was FINALLY able to get something accomplished!! I got my kitchen scrubbed clean. (Minus mopping the floor, because after scrubbing the counters, scrubbing the stove, and sweeping the floor, I was ready to fall over).  I had a nice coughing fit for several minutes afterwords, but it didn't last too long.  I folded a bit more clothes, and picked up the living room a little, but I knew I had reached my limit for the night.  There is still so much else I need to get done, but it feels so good to have done SOMETHING around here finally.  

But the BEST part......... I can finally hug my children again!! We are still not giving kisses, just to be safe, but over the Christmas Holiday we were sure to keep them far a way from me.  In fact, I was treated like a Leper.  I wasn't allowed to touch ANY light fixtures, door knobs, etc., and I was completely banned from the kitchen.  It was so hard through the Holiday, not being able to be with family, and especially not being able to do the normal Christmas Traditions with the kids.  I wanted to hold them, kiss them, and hug them soooo bad.  Just keeping our fingers crossed now, that we were diligent enough, and no one else will come down with it.  It's scary though, because I was sick with the Flu for 3 days before I went to the Doctor, and during that time, we were not quite so diligent.  But surely, if they were going to catch it, they would be showing symptoms already..... I hope.
(By the way...... I am the only one in the family that got the Flu Vaccine this year, and I am the ONLY one in the house that has had the Flu so far.....)

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