Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Game On!!

For Christmas the kids got a Wii. 


I fell in love with it when I learned we could stream Netflix through it.  I changed our Netflix membership to online Instant Play only and no longer get DVD's.  I pay a lot less, and can watch limitless movies now.  Not all movies are available on Instant Play, for example, the new releases, but for those there is always Red Box. 

Then, we got some new games.....
  Wii Fit, Just Dance 2, and Resident Evil.

I had heard so many good things about the Wii Fit, that it was a must for us to buy.  Every morning I jump on and get a workout in. And the kids love it as well. That was a pleasant surprise and an added bonus.  It gets them both active.  They don't look at it as exercise.  To them it's just fun and they beg to play. Yay!! Thumbs UP!!

Greg wanted the Just Dance 2 game.  He had seen someone playing it somewhere and thought it would be fun for everyone.  I LOVE it!! It is something we all play together, and have a BLAST at! I think I get more of a workout on that game than I do the Wii fit sometimes.... And I learned it has a "Just Sweat" program on the game that tracks calories burned.  (DOUBLE Thumbs UP!!) So OF COURSE I added it to my morning workout!  Now I do the Wii Fit AND the Just Sweat games every morning. 

We bought Resident Evil and tried it out that night.  It is too graphic for the little ones, of course.  I've never been a big gamer, but Greg and I had SO MUCH fun killing zombies! We don't get a chance to play it very often, with Greg's schedule, but we have a file that is "ours" that we have saved we go back to. 

We WILL be kicking some zombie butts again soon.

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  1. Nothing wrong with the occasional zombie killing spree, for young and old alike. You should see the movie shaun of the dead, very very funny.