Monday, July 26, 2010

Clutter Me Crazy -

I hate clutter.  I really do.  My house can be spotless, but if I have a lot of knick knacks out, or appliances on my counter, for me..... the house feels dirty.
We recently downsized and moved from our 2 story house to a small one.  Until we can get a shed for storage, we are having to store everything inside the house, which means boxes and storage bins stacked against the wall.  It is driving me crazy!

I can spend all day dusting, vacuuming, and picking up the living room, but at the end of the day, all I can see are the things in the living room which do not belong.  The box which houses my Christmas tree, a storage bin of mine and my husbands things from childhood, a storage bin of my children's baby things, a storage bin of blankets... My closet is already packed with other stuff from the old house, and my porch is stacked with things which used to be in our garage.
Don't get me wrong...... I'm not a neat freak by any means.  With four children plus their friends over all the time, I gave up on perfect a long time ago.  The house gets destroyed quite often.  But it would be nice, once I get the house all cleaned, that it actually felt clean.
I wouldn't go so far as to say I am a minimalist, but I do like clean straight lines.  I don't have a lot of collectibles lining my shelves, I am drawn to furniture with straight lines, and I am not partial to furniture with a lot of scroll work, or embellishments.... at least not for me.   I keep my toaster, waffle maker, blender, and all other appliances put away in the kitchen cabinets.  The only things I keep out on my counter, are decorative items.  At night I check the coffee table and end tables and remove any clutter that has gathered (my husband and children are notorious for leaving mail, keys, dishes, toys, etc. on them) and put the items where they belong.
So this whole, stacking boxes against the wall crap, is annoying.  Very annoying.  But, for now, I have no choice.
I miss my other house.  I feel as though I have been living in Limbo for the past few months.  Next month I'll have school supplies and school clothes to buy, but after that I am hoping we can get a storage shed so I can de-clutter my home......and my life.


  1. Sounds like my bedroom! We will be moving into a bigger house with more storage. Ironically, it has fewer bedrooms! (right now we have three and are downsizing to two bedrooms for six people). BUT the storage makes up for it (we're renovating the enclosed porch into a small bedroom for Garrett). I can't wait to have a place for everything!

  2. I just read your post earlier about getting your bedroom organized. It looked great. My bedroom is always the last place that gets cleaned, other than changing sheets. My husband and I sleep on different shifts, so it affects how much time I have to get it clean. I can't clean while he is sleeping, and after he leaves, it's my turn to sleep. Once I get back on a schedule, (which I need to do soon) I will have more time to clean it. Summer has thrown me for a loop on my bedroom.