Monday, January 24, 2011


And the Meanest Parent Award goes to..................


We decided yesterday to implement a new rule for the kids.....

Monday - Thursday NO T.V. and NO Video Games
Sunday - T.V. and Video Games will be turned off by 6 p.m.

- Please Pray For Us -

I proposed it to Gregory yesterday evening and he was completely on board.  I decided on this course of action after getting fed up with the kids repeatedly not turning in Homework (that they completed at home btw) or "forgetting" about assignments. 

My rule has always been "DO YOUR HOMEWORK WHEN YOU FIRST GET HOME, AND NO T.V. OR GAMES UNTIL HOMEWORK IS FINISHED"  They can have a snack when they get home, and tell me about their day, but before any playing occurs, I want the homework done.  I tried in the past to let them play for a while first, then do homework, but on those days when they have a lot to do, or they do not stay focused, it may take them a while before they finish.  

I have found, though, that they RUSH through their homework when they get home so they can hurry and go play.  Assignments are not being put in their folder, but shoved in their backpacks or lain down somewhere to be found the next day........ or never.  As a result, when it is time to turn it in, they can't find it, or think they don't have it.  

I"M DONE!!!! 

I know it will be hard on them at first, and they may think I'm the meanest mom in the world...... but once they get used to it, they will find other things to occupy their time for those 4 days.  Just as I did when I was little.
It can only benefit them....... We both really want them to start using their creativity..... Finding it, and developing it. 

I'm hoping we can all keep our sanity in the meantime..... ;)


  1. I think this is SUCH a good idea! Been threatening to implement this myself if G's grades don't improve this 6 weeks!

  2. My kids do the same thing!!! They do the homework, but then get distracted & never put it back where it should go!
    I think we'll be trying something new out next week ;)